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New music is shit

by Bibanu' on Jul.09, 2010, under News

If you’re wise enough then it’s not difficult to draw the conclusion presented in our title. All you have to do is take your fuckin’ iPod or whatever, plug in some fuckin’ headphones and listen to 90% of the albums released recently. “Recently” is a relative concept so let’s define it as the past 15-20 years. You’ll notice that if you invest enough time to listen to older fuckin’ releases and then compare them to recent stuff, then the old music will prevail undoubtedly. There’s some major crap released a while back as well, but even the old crap sounds better than the new one.

Good thing LSD is around to bring new, quality music to the masses. It takes a while to get your brain to assimilate LSD’s music. After all, it’s likely that you’ve been listening to major shit for a long time now, so you might even think it sounds good. It’s like taking a beggar off the street and giving him a palace: more often than not he’ll be scared shitless and fucked up in the head, such that he won’t be able to enjoy his new fuckin’ palace but rather stress himself with fukin’ bullshit like, “Is this really happening to me? What’s the catch? Something bad will happen!” The same applies to you: you may ask yourself if LSD is “really happening”, if it’s really that good. The answer is a big yes, it fuckin’ is. It’s the best.

The first reason why LSD is so fuckin’ good is because it has no boundaries. Take any recent artist and notice how he or she is stuck within one musical style, be it rock, dance, hip-hop, house, rave, or whatever. Don’t even think about the fact that the artist you’re thinking about is probably also anti-talent – that’s an entirely different story altogether. After a while the artist you’re thinking about starts to recycle his or her ideas and just give it a little bit of surface gloss. That’s fuckin’ bullshit, zero creative force. Now take LSD: you have a free album to listen to, incorporating 6 major musical styles. That’s class. The next album will probably focus on other musical styles and so on and so forth. The simple conclusion: LSD offers everything you could possibly wish for in music – and it’s just one fuckin’ band!

The second reason why LSD is so fuckin’ good is because it doesn’t care. More than 90% of commercial artists are stressed out about radio play, record sales and getting more and more fans. Leu’ Derbedeu’ and Bibanu’ already have all they fuckin’ need and more, so there’s no extra stress associated with such expectations. They won’t say no to radio play, higher record sales and additional fans, but they don’t need them either. So any music they put out, anything they say, anywhere they go – they do so because they want to, not because they have to. And since things are done better when they’re done with no constraints, LSD can focus on quality and on experimenting, whereas other so-called “artists” cannot.

The third reason why LSD is so fuckin’ good is because the talent in the band is ridiculous. Hypothetically speaking, if you took LSD’s talent, cut it into several pieces and shared it equally between all the people in the music industry, you’d probably have a second Renaissance on your hands. You may think that this is a subjective statement, but when music critics and non-critics alike come together and praise LSD in the way that they do, it’s just impossible to ignore.

There are dozens of reasons why LSD is what it is, but what’s important is that you invest your time wisely, by listening to old material to understand the roots of music, ignoring what we like to call “the Middle Ages of music” or “1990 – present” and skip to the real deal: LSD!

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