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New album direction

by Bibanu' on Jul.15, 2010, under News

There have been numerous requests from fans asking LSD to make a new album in the style of Tower of Babel i.e. combining various musical genres.

To put all gossip to rest and save you precious time, the band officially confirms that new albums will NOT use existing blueprints. Part of LSD’s charm is its creativity or, in other words, unwillingness to attempt the same thing twice. For those of you who still haven’t gotten the gist, there has already been an announcement regarding the new musical direction, and that is tribal music. The style sounds great in LSD’s interpretation and the band has already started collecting traditional African and Native American instruments to help them reach their goal. Below we present to you some of these newly acquired instruments, all of which will be used on the new album:

Djembe Mbira Drum
        African Djembe         African Mbira   Native American Drum

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