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LSD compared to Holograf and Verma Leptor

by Bibanu' on Jul.19, 2010, under News

Lately there have been rumors of angry/jealous fans (most likely those kicked out from live shows due to inappropriate behavior) drawing parallels between LSD and other Romanian bands. Of these comparisons, the two most bothersome were to Holograf and Verma Leptor. Things went further as Verma Leptor main man Dragos (or something), poisoned with jealousy, called LSD “uninteresting” on a forum. As a result, we felt compelled to publish the following press announcement:

A / Holograf:
This band attempts to sing mostly about men and women who cry. They cry constantly and once they start crying they never stop. LSD tried to listen to their music in order to understand the comparison between themselves and Holograf, but 2 or 3 songs into the listening session, both Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu’ burst into tears and called their mothers to tell them that they loved them. Attempts were made to bring back their true nature and spirit, but to no fuckin’ avail. Not even Björk, funny and clever though she is, could cheer up the two superstars. The only solution was to put in Turnu’ Babel and let it roll. The result: as soon as Moartea was over, Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu’ were themselves again, positive and full of joy. The conclusion is very simple: no parallel can be drawn between a band that makes anyone and anything cry, and one that infuses the listener with positive energy. There are no common elements between LSD and Holograf, so we urge the fuckin’ fans to act appropriately during live shows and NOT get kicked out, rather than talk bullshit.

B / Verma Leptor:
Not long ago our website published an article on music quality. The article mentioned something called “anti-talent”. Verma Leptor IS the definition of anti-talent (whereas LSD is the incarnation of talent). Aside from the fact that “Verma Leptor” is a shit name for a band and means nothing, their so-called “songs” are absolute fuckin’ catastrophes; had they attempted to experiment, they failed miserably. The band members are clearly not good looking, their music sounds like Frank Zappa minus the talent (i.e. experimental vomit), and there is a large probability that they are on a modest budget, based on the quality of their recordings and instruments they use. Obviously, this places Verma Leptor at the opposite extreme of LSD, whose members are gorgeous, their music is Frank Zappa upgraded (experimental white gold), and they are filthy rich. While Holograf could at least argue that they have the chops to stand up to LSD, there is nothing left for Verma Leptor to do except crawl up in a little corner and cry.

We thank you for your continuous support.

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