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Turnu’ Babel

by Leu' Derbedeu' on Jul.08, 2010, under Albums

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LSD’s 2007 debut album, The Tower of Babel, is one of the greatest albums of all time. It is a concept album that relates to anything, everything and everyone. Considered by many to be a starting point of modern music, The Tower of Babel grossed millions and allowed the two band members - Leu’ Derbedeu’ and Bibanu’ - to live lives that others only dream of.

The unique concept behind The Tower of Babel involved the printing of a limited supply of discs, all sold by the end of 2007. Currently The Tower of Babel is out of print and will probably remain so forever. Every now and then copies are sold on eBay for around $1200-1500 (lower prices probably mean you’re not getting the real deal).

For further info, here is an excerpt from Bibanu’s famous 2009 interview:

“When we put out this fuckin’ record we swore we’d make only a limited number of copies and that’s what we fuckin’ did. To go back now and say “Oh, this shit sells good, we should put out more fuckin’ copies”, that’s selling out, man. That shit’s selling out, and no fuckin’ way LSD’s gonna sell out. Let other fuckers sell out. Plus we have all the money we fuckin’ need so we don’t have to do shit ‘till  we die, man.

The only thing we agreed to do is personally respond to fan mail from time to time… you know, once or twice a year we read what the fuckin’ fans write to us. Most of it is fuckin’ bullshit but when something stands out like some chick says she wants to suck my dick… hehe, I’m joking man… anyway, when something stands out we personally sign the record and send it to the lucky fucker. We care about the fans, you know.

But anyway, that’s it… the record is never gonna sell in stores again and that’s that, man.”

Here is Leu’ Derbedeu’s take on Turnu’ Babel:

“I never thought this shit would sell like crazy, but it did. I mean, who would’ve imagined that you can still find so many wise people these days? Well, about the shit… I mean about the album… what can I say, you should just listen to the songs and you’ll understand what I mean. What I mean? Hmmm… I think I’m a little high right now, but anyway, this shit’s a masterpiece. That’s what the critics say, and if they say so, we should belive the fuckers, right?

About the copies? What about ‘em? You want some fuckin’ copies, do you? Get the fuck outta here! We’re not giving away any more shit!”

Track list:

Te iubesc
La mare, la soare
Banii si Leu’
Suparat si tradat, dusmanit dar iubit

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