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Put together in 2007 by world-class artists Leu’ Derbedeu’ and Bibanu’, LSD is a band that amazes and shocks the audience at the same time. LSD’s music is instantly indentifiable, catchy and varied. The band cuts through music genres like a hot knife through butter - from heavy metal to hip-hop, ballads, or dance music.

LSD started off as a garage project, performing a blend of punk and heavy metal. This influence may be seen on the track Moartea from the band’s 2007 debut album, The Tower of Babel. However, things began to change when Leu’ Derbedeu’ and Bibanu’ realized that their extraordinary creative force could not be contained within one music genre. Soon enough, LSD took off with hits such as the hip-hop classic Bucati or the dance bomb La mare, la soare.

Record sales and succesful gigs allow the band members to perform and live luxurious lives in exotic places such as Seychelles, Tenerife and the Caribbean. Although you may not get your chance to see the band in action in such remote and expensive locations, LSD is also widely targeted throughout Western Europe, the United States and Northern Africa.

Currently the band is working on a new album. The direction is not yet clear, but it seems that the focus will be on either hevy metal or tribal music.


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