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December update

by Bibanu' on Dec.07, 2010, under News

It’s been a while since our last update, because Bibanu’, Leu Derbedeu’ and their crew have been busy promoting Turnu’ Babel in the Pacific. The latest series of concerts hit Bora-Bora, Fiji, Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Upolu. The crowds were smaller than usual (only around 1000 people on average), however their enthusiasm made up for it. Not many artists have performed in front of these secluded, possibly cannibalistic people. However, in their effort to promote high-quality entertainment, the superstars decided to extend their tour even to such remote locations.

Bibanu’ spoke for LSD when he said, “All fuckin’ bands out there try to sell out stadiums and make tons of fuckin’ cash by going to Europe, N. America, Australia and a bunch of Asian countries. What the fuck, man? Since when is music all about the money? Fuck that shit. I ask those bands: how do you expect Aitutakians and Upolus to catch up with Britain and France if they can’t even hear your fuckin’ shit music, man? How do you expect them to grow, ya know, inside? This is where LSD comes in; we’ve recorded the greatest album is the world. Hell, everyone says so! So we go out there and we share it with the world! And the world includes the fuckin’ Pacific Islands, man!”

It’s obvious that Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu are all about the music, unlike everyone else out there who is all about the money. It’s also clear that they represent the main artistic engine for promoting high quality art and culture all around the world. But the most amazing thing is that such charitable acts show who the people behind the artists truly are. On one hand, there are Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu’ the cool and unsurpassable musical geniuses; on the other hand there are Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu’ the caring, giving people, willing to share their talent with the entire world, no matter how close or how far, no matter how civilized or uncivilized.

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How the name came to be

by Bibanu' on Jul.23, 2010, under News

Our website received several questions regarding the band name, LSD. Some wanted to know if it’s a secret acronym, other were fuckin’ outraged that it may be referring to the drug known colloquially as “acid”, and lastly there were those who simply said “Way to go, dudes!” – our favorite sort.

How Leu’ Derbedeu’ and Bibanu’ came to be called LSD is quite an amazing story, like everything else surrounding this fuckin’ band. Indeed, the name refers to the drug, lysergic acid diethylamide. It felt right, since LSD’s music is highly reminiscent of acid – not so much psychedelic (only the track Banii si leu’ has psychedelic influences) but rather offering intense spiritual experiences and producing long-term psycho-emotional effects to the listener. And much like in the case of the drug, LSD listeners reported flashbacks: one fuckin’ fan in particular wrote that he had not listened to Turnu’ Babel in over a year and a half, and suddenly found himself humming Moartea on the way home from grocery shopping. That’s just like an acid flashback that hits you years after you had given up on the drug!

As you can see, there are several reasons why the name fits the band. But how did Leu’ Derbedeu’ and Bibanu’ come up with it? They were watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, amazed at the strength of the Indian who broke the fuckin’ wall of the asylum and ran away at the end of the movie. The explanation: lots of pills were given to patients in that movie and as a result they all acted very fuckin’ strangely – some laughed, others cried, others kicked and screamed, and others were endowed with massive strength. It wasn’t surprising for Leu’ Derbedeu’ and Bibanu’ to find out that the author of the novel on which the movie was based, Professor Dr. Ken Kesey, acknowledged that LSD changed his life forever after dropping (i.e. consuming) it for the first time. The drug was actually the inspiration for his fuckin’ novel. As such, the two musicians simply put two and two together and figured that every single pill in that movie was acid; everyone was doing acid just like Syd Barrett in the ‘60s! They watched the movie muted, with Turnu’ Babel playing in the background and wow, what a fuckin’ experience that was! It felt better than hearing Dark Side of the Moon played over The Wizard of Oz! Obviously the name stuck and up to this day it sums up everything that this band is.

There you have it, so stop asking stupid questions.

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LSD compared to Holograf and Verma Leptor

by Bibanu' on Jul.19, 2010, under News

Lately there have been rumors of angry/jealous fans (most likely those kicked out from live shows due to inappropriate behavior) drawing parallels between LSD and other Romanian bands. Of these comparisons, the two most bothersome were to Holograf and Verma Leptor. Things went further as Verma Leptor main man Dragos (or something), poisoned with jealousy, called LSD “uninteresting” on a forum. As a result, we felt compelled to publish the following press announcement:

A / Holograf:
This band attempts to sing mostly about men and women who cry. They cry constantly and once they start crying they never stop. LSD tried to listen to their music in order to understand the comparison between themselves and Holograf, but 2 or 3 songs into the listening session, both Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu’ burst into tears and called their mothers to tell them that they loved them. Attempts were made to bring back their true nature and spirit, but to no fuckin’ avail. Not even Björk, funny and clever though she is, could cheer up the two superstars. The only solution was to put in Turnu’ Babel and let it roll. The result: as soon as Moartea was over, Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu’ were themselves again, positive and full of joy. The conclusion is very simple: no parallel can be drawn between a band that makes anyone and anything cry, and one that infuses the listener with positive energy. There are no common elements between LSD and Holograf, so we urge the fuckin’ fans to act appropriately during live shows and NOT get kicked out, rather than talk bullshit.

B / Verma Leptor:
Not long ago our website published an article on music quality. The article mentioned something called “anti-talent”. Verma Leptor IS the definition of anti-talent (whereas LSD is the incarnation of talent). Aside from the fact that “Verma Leptor” is a shit name for a band and means nothing, their so-called “songs” are absolute fuckin’ catastrophes; had they attempted to experiment, they failed miserably. The band members are clearly not good looking, their music sounds like Frank Zappa minus the talent (i.e. experimental vomit), and there is a large probability that they are on a modest budget, based on the quality of their recordings and instruments they use. Obviously, this places Verma Leptor at the opposite extreme of LSD, whose members are gorgeous, their music is Frank Zappa upgraded (experimental white gold), and they are filthy rich. While Holograf could at least argue that they have the chops to stand up to LSD, there is nothing left for Verma Leptor to do except crawl up in a little corner and cry.

We thank you for your continuous support.

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New album direction

by Bibanu' on Jul.15, 2010, under News

There have been numerous requests from fans asking LSD to make a new album in the style of Tower of Babel i.e. combining various musical genres.

To put all gossip to rest and save you precious time, the band officially confirms that new albums will NOT use existing blueprints. Part of LSD’s charm is its creativity or, in other words, unwillingness to attempt the same thing twice. For those of you who still haven’t gotten the gist, there has already been an announcement regarding the new musical direction, and that is tribal music. The style sounds great in LSD’s interpretation and the band has already started collecting traditional African and Native American instruments to help them reach their goal. Below we present to you some of these newly acquired instruments, all of which will be used on the new album:

Djembe Mbira Drum
        African Djembe         African Mbira   Native American Drum
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