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December update

by Bibanu' on Dec.07, 2010, under News

It’s been a while since our last update, because Bibanu’, Leu Derbedeu’ and their crew have been busy promoting Turnu’ Babel in the Pacific. The latest series of concerts hit Bora-Bora, Fiji, Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Upolu. The crowds were smaller than usual (only around 1000 people on average), however their enthusiasm made up for it. Not many artists have performed in front of these secluded, possibly cannibalistic people. However, in their effort to promote high-quality entertainment, the superstars decided to extend their tour even to such remote locations.

Bibanu’ spoke for LSD when he said, “All fuckin’ bands out there try to sell out stadiums and make tons of fuckin’ cash by going to Europe, N. America, Australia and a bunch of Asian countries. What the fuck, man? Since when is music all about the money? Fuck that shit. I ask those bands: how do you expect Aitutakians and Upolus to catch up with Britain and France if they can’t even hear your fuckin’ shit music, man? How do you expect them to grow, ya know, inside? This is where LSD comes in; we’ve recorded the greatest album is the world. Hell, everyone says so! So we go out there and we share it with the world! And the world includes the fuckin’ Pacific Islands, man!”

It’s obvious that Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu are all about the music, unlike everyone else out there who is all about the money. It’s also clear that they represent the main artistic engine for promoting high quality art and culture all around the world. But the most amazing thing is that such charitable acts show who the people behind the artists truly are. On one hand, there are Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu’ the cool and unsurpassable musical geniuses; on the other hand there are Bibanu’ and Leu’ Derbedeu’ the caring, giving people, willing to share their talent with the entire world, no matter how close or how far, no matter how civilized or uncivilized.

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